Effective March 1, 2024, Voice Lab Nashville is closed.
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Science Backed Voice Coaching 

For The Professional Vocalist

Our Way

What you can expect from Voice Lab Nashville

Customized Coaching

Your voice is unique, as individual as your fingerprint. Every voice's strengths and weaknesses are different, requiring specialized work. One size fits all voice exercises won't get you to pro level vocals. Your vocal coaching should be as unique as your voice.

Respect For Your Style

Whatever you do with your voice, it should be able to sound the way you want it to sound. There is no "correct way" to sing or speak, just healthier ways. We not only respect unique voices, but also celebrate them and will do everything possible to help you maintain and master your own style.

Scientific Evidence

Call us crazy, but we believe expert vocal training should rely on the latest vocal research and not on a bunch of generic exercises handed down for generations. Find out for yourself how we provide a higher level of vocal awareness and a better understanding of the sounds you want to make.

Doctors use science, so should voice coaches

Generic methods lead to generic vocals. They can also rob you of your individual style. Old voice lesson methods are… well… old! Research continues to evolve beyond the training of the past, even proving it wrong at times, especially for non-classical vocalists. 

As science and medicine evolves, so should vocal coaching. We don’t rely on the old scales and tired exercises of singing lessons of the past. We use the latest in vocal research and put these concepts to practice in our training. 

Just like your doctor diagnoses before treating, so do we. We approach vocal coaching differently and strive to yield better and faster results with measurable improvements.